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Since its inception in November 2010 A&N have analysed many case papers on behalf of Solicitors and Barristers preparing reports and Expert Witness statements. These statements have been presented at Crown and Magistrates Courts throughout England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Areas where there has been recent significant success are:

  1. Challenge of Cannabis yields.
  2. Challenge of drug valuations Class A, B, C, 'Legal highs' and Steroids.
  3. Challenge Forensic Scientists interpretation of evidence of Cannabis grows.
  4. Challenge of Cannabis cultivation that has been for personal possession and not commercial supply.
  5. Challenge of the interpretation of telephone analysis in Class 'A' & 'B' charges.
  6. Reduction in seriousness of charges- commercial cultivation of cannabis and possession with intent reduced to allowing premises to be used for the cultivation. Commercial supply of Class 'A' & 'B' drugs reduced to possession for own use.
  7. Reduction in benefit amounts in relation to POCA offences.

Our Experts are able to give a completely independent and knowledgeable opinion due to their expertise, experience and in depth knowledge of drug criminality in the UK. This includes:

  1. Maintaining a network of contacts that provide current prices and trends with regards to drug trafficking and abuse throughout the UK, including the major metropolitan areas.
  2. Review of hundreds of Police Expert Witness Statements and Forensic Examination reports that include NCA prices, current trends and interpretation of evidence from the Prosecution perspective.
  3. Analysis of Police Drug Expert Witness Statements identifying significant variances in opinion.
  4. Interpretation of covert recordings involving drugs terminology.
  5. Analysis of Drugs deal lists ' Tick Lists'.
  6. Analysis of telephone/text evidence.
  7. Conducting countless Covert Drugs Operations.
  8. Purchase of Drugs in Covert Operations.
  9. Interview of many drugs suspects.
  10. Examination of Class A, B, C and placebo drugs and adulterants.
  11. Examination of Cannabis cultivations and plants at all stages of growth.
  12. Preparation of in excess of 1000 Drugs Expert Witness statements.
  13. Review and oversight of thousands of Expert witness statements and the training of others.
  14. Membership of numerous multi agency projects and boards.

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