The Team - Andrew O'Hagan

Accredited Drugs Expert

 Andrew O'Hagan served 31 years with the Nottinghamshire Police before retiring in June 2011. Andy first specialised in the investigation of Drugs Offences in 1984 and has subsequently become an Accredited Drugs Expert providing 'Expert Evidence' for the information of the Courts in both the UK and The Netherlands.

Andy joined A&N Drug Expert Witness Service in July 2011 and has been instructed by the Defence to provide a number of Drug Expert witness statements on their behalf.

Andy has access to and a full knowledge of all the Drug Expert Witness Statements prepared on behalf of A&N as well as all the Prosecution papers received by A&N.

Andy is a Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University and lectures in Law, Controlled Drugs and Crime Scene Investigation both at Nottingham and at a number of other Universities.

Andy is currently conducting an analytical project at the Nottingham Trent University with regards to cannabis ageing.

Andy is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a member of the Forensic Science Society.

Andy has also lectured at the International Conference in Forensic Science and Criminal Behaviour in Portugal.

Andy is a member of The Drug Monitoring Group, a multi agency group where knowledge and information regarding current drug trends and prices is shared.

During his time with the Police, Andy was a Field Intelligence Officer with a specific responsibility for handling CHISs and regularly received reliable information and intelligence relating to the supply and production of controlled drugs.

In 2002 Andy was seconded to Operation STEALTH and latterly the Notts. Police Serious Organised Crime Unit, to combat drug related gun crime in the Nottingham area. It was during this time that Andy became the 'Drug Lead' for Nottinghamshire Police as the Substance Misuse, Expert Evidence and Training Officer. In addition to the investigation of many covert Drugs Operations Andy has prepared in excess of 1000 'Drugs Expert' witness statements and has presented his findings on many occasions both at Crown Courts in England and the Netherlands.

As the 'Drug Lead' for many years Andy had the additional responsibility for training and managing other accredited Drugs Experts and their statements giving him an unparalleled insight into drug criminality.

Andy has successfully completed the National Drug Course and the National Expert Witness Course and is accredited by the Home Office. He also attended the Expert Evidence for Drug Trafficking course, which was coordinated by the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

Andy was also a member of the AGIS international drug project, an EU initiative, researching drug related acquisitive crime in England, Holland and Poland.

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