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Accredited Drugs Expert

Paul Attenborough served 30 years with the Police before retiring in October 2010. The majority of his service was as a Detective and for over 20 years specialised in the investigation of drug related offences. Throughout that period he provided Drug Expert Evidence for the information of the Court.

In November 2010, following his retirement from the Police, Paul founded the A&N Drug Expert Witness Service and has personally provided 100s of Drug Expert Statements on instruction by the Defence in relation to drugs trafficking and Proceeds of Crime.

Whilst formulating comprehensive Drug Expert Statements for the Defence, Paul has examined and analysed thousands of Police Expert statements, forensic reports, Police Officer statements, records of interviews, search records, drug lists (tick lists), telephone records, mobile telephone interrogation reports, covert audio recordings, telephone answer machine messages, telephone intercept conversations, Defence Statements and Statements of Proof.

Paul also conducts in depth research into all aspects of drug trafficking including reports compiled by The House of Lords, House of Commons Select Committee, the United Nations, Law Enforcements Agencies, Forensic Scientists and drug charity organisations.

Paul maintains a network of contacts that provide current prices and trends with regards to drug trafficking and abuse throughout the UK, including the major metropolitan areas.

Paul has been called to give evidence by the Defence on many occasions in the majority of the Crown Court Circuits; The South East (London), Western, Midlands, North Eastern, Northern, Scotland and additionally Northern Ireland.

Paul has provided opinion and advised the BBC regarding cannabis cultivation and mephedrone.

Whilst serving with the Police Paul was involved in countless drug related enquiries and covert operations and interviewed many suspects who provided in-depth disclosures relating to drug habits and commercial supply.

Paul was the Drugs Intelligence Officer funded by the Drugs Action Team and Community against Drugs programs. He was an experienced CHIS handler regularly receiving valuable information and intelligence from the drugs criminal fraternity.

As a Covert Officer, who was commended in this role, Paul gained an excellent and intimate knowledge of Drugs Criminality through purchasing controlled substances as part of undercover operations.

A former member of the Drug Squad, Paul was latterly seconded to the East Midlands Special Operations Unit where he was involved in major drugs trafficking operations, where he was involved in surveillance and the investigation of these offences and provided expert advice, completed complicated expert statements and provided evidence for Crown Court purposes.

During his service Paul received instruction from NCIS and the Home Office Forensic Service Intelligence Branch regarding the production, manufacture, importation and distribution of controlled drugs. He successfully completed the National Drugs Course and is qualified to conduct drug identification in relation to opiates and amphetamines.

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